Arnold and Franco Mural: New Video now live

by / Monday, 23 June 2014 / Published in Art, General
World Gym South Morang

Well it was a long few weeks working nights over at World Gym South Morang, but it was worth it! The mural work turned out perfectly and both the owners and the gym members couldn’t be happier with not only how it looks in the gym, but how much of a difference it has made to the atmosphere in the entire gym area. Unlike a lot of the work we do, the style chosen by the owners was an older, more relaxed image from the hey day of classic bodybuilding. Arnold and Franco are at Muscle Beach in Venice, California, and you can almost feel the Californian sun shining right into the gym. Well, maybe not during Melbourne Winter – but it was a hit all the same!

The latest time lapse video is now up and ready for your viewing pleasure!

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